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The name I've chosen comes from "Lord of the Rings," when Gandalf faces down the Balrog in the Mines of Moria. My Hebrew name is Esther (which is related to the word for "hidden" or "secret") Serafina (which means "burning"). This seems appropriate because although I don't usually put myself forward, I do care very passionately about a lot of things. Maybe through these blogs I can share some of these passions, as well as less weighty ideas and opinions, with others.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Coming soon: The end of the Internet as we know it?

To read entire article, click on link or title. This is very disturbing, and considering that the government is owned by the special interests, I have little doubt that what the author envisages is possible. We need lobbying and campaign finance reform NOW!
ARTICLE | posted February 1, 2006 (web only)
The End of the Internet?
The nation's largest telephone and cable companies are crafting an alarming set of strategies that would transform the free, open and nondiscriminatory Internet of today to a privately run and branded service that would charge a fee for virtually everything we do online.


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