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The name I've chosen comes from "Lord of the Rings," when Gandalf faces down the Balrog in the Mines of Moria. My Hebrew name is Esther (which is related to the word for "hidden" or "secret") Serafina (which means "burning"). This seems appropriate because although I don't usually put myself forward, I do care very passionately about a lot of things. Maybe through these blogs I can share some of these passions, as well as less weighty ideas and opinions, with others.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So many books, so few brain cells

It's very frustrating - I've got all these wonderful books, but my brain seems to have turned into mush while I wasn't paying attention. For some reason I'm finding it very hard to concentrate on anything with any depth to it. Then, of course, I went to a library sale over the weekend and came home with about 10, most of which are that type, though a couple are lighter reading. Examples:

The Aims of Argument: A Text and Reader - Fun!

The Meaning of Death - More fun! It does seem to be a subject I've been thinking more about since my mother's passing last September, though. Maybe eventually I'll post some of those thoughts. This book contains a bunch of essays from a host of different disciplines and angles.

Biblical Archaeology: The New York Times Library of Jewish Knowledge - Maybe a little out of date on the latest discoveries, but there seems to be a lot in there on lifestyles (What is a cubit? type questions).

A World Full of Gods: The Strange Triumph of Christianity - This may be more light reading. From what I've seen glancing through it and checking out the reviews on Amazon, it seems to be written in an unusual style - "lively, provocative and irresistably entertaining," according to the blurb on the back, although the reviewers on Amazon seem to be divided as to how successful it is.

I'd also like to finish Constantine's Sword, which was brought to my attention again at last week's Talmud class when Rabbi Rosenfeld mentioned that he was reading it.

What I am reading is a historical mystery called No Dark Place and a Regency novel called Brightsea, the main attraction of which is the presence of some of the more obnoxious characters from Sense & Sensibility.


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