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The name I've chosen comes from "Lord of the Rings," when Gandalf faces down the Balrog in the Mines of Moria. My Hebrew name is Esther (which is related to the word for "hidden" or "secret") Serafina (which means "burning"). This seems appropriate because although I don't usually put myself forward, I do care very passionately about a lot of things. Maybe through these blogs I can share some of these passions, as well as less weighty ideas and opinions, with others.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Reading List

Whether I will actually succeed in reading all of these is an open question, but here is a list of some of the books I have from the library.

The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory (historical novel about secret Jews in the Tudor royal courts)

Thou Shalt Not Kill
edited by Anne Perry (Biblical mystery stories)

Life After Death by Alan F. Segal ("A history of the afterlife in Western tradition")

Bad News by Tom Fenton ("The decline of reporting, the business of news, and the danger to us all")

The Borgia Bride
(historical novel about the Borgia court, told from the viewpoint of Lucrezia Borgia's sister-in-law)

Affairs and Scandals in Ancient Egypt (instances of significant corruption - sound familiar? - in New Kingdom Egypt)

Sex With Kings (not as sleazy as it sounds - a history, at least over the past 500 years, of royal mistresses and the influence they wielded)


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